Construcción de edificios residenciales

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Construcción de edificios

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Construcción de obra civil

Construcción de edificios residenciales
Construcción de otros proyectos de ingeniería civil n.c.o.p.
Construcción de edificios
Construcción de edificios
Construction of residential and non-residential buildings
Construction of other civil engineering projects n.e.c.
Doing business as Fábricas y Drenajes S.L., the company is primarily engaged in the construction of public infrastructure, community and institutional buildings and service activities. It is an infrastructure construction company with 30 years of experience and technical expertise. The company's focus has been civil works, institutional buildings and maintenance, and preservation of public infrastructures. It was incorporated in January of 1994. The company has a registered office located in Granada, Spain. As its business principle, Fábricas y Drenajes S.L. has always opted for the highest quality costumer by which it tries to maintain a long term relationship based on trust and mutual satisfaction. Thus, almost all of its customers belong to the Spanish government and its different public bodies, whether state, region, province or local. They all support its extensive business experience. As development of its strategic plan, the company is globalizing to reach new costumers and diversification of activities and capabilities. Fábricas y Drenajes S.L. is characterized by the use of the most modern management systems to ensure quality in execution, rigor in the budget and in meeting the agreed deadlines. It is firmly committed to excellence in all aspects of its business and focus on the principles of quality, environmental compliance and risk prevention, innovation and recognition of the importance of people in organizations. Finally, Fábricas y Drenajes S.L. wants to emphasize that it is aware of the complexity of the business and production process, in which it is involved. It pays special attention to those employees required in these processes, as its customers, suppliers, partnerships, financial institutions and personnel of its organization from the direction of Fábricas y Drenajes S.L. The company is looking for a relationship based on trust with all of them. It musts respect their purposes as a strategic issue in achieving its goals.
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