Elaboración de otros productos alimenticios n.c.o.p.

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Granada - Vega de Granada (Granada - Andalucía)


Fabricación de otros productos alimenticios

Productos y servicios

Se dedica a la investigación, desarrolo y comercialización de nuevos productos basados en ingredientes naturales con efectos beneficiosos para la salud.

Elaboración de otros productos alimenticios n.c.o.p.
Investigación y desarrollo experimental en biotecnología
Elaboración de otros productos alimenticios ncop
Preparación de leche y fabricación de sus derivados
Manufacture of other food products n.e.c.
Research and experimental development on biotechnology
This company is a biotechnology enterprise that operates in pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and functional food sectors. It was established in 2000 and conducts business from its registered head office located in Granada, Spain. The company develops, manufactures and sells healthy innovative ingredients based on its solid know-how and technology around three product platforms: probiotics (Hereditum), omega-3 fatty acids (Eupoly-3) and botanical extracts (Exxentia). It provides complete solutions to clients in more than 30 countries for those looking for maximum satisfaction with custom solutions and a solid portfolio of more than 200 products. From the solid foundation of research and innovation, the company offers a comprehensive service that includes: design of concepts, co-development of products, sales of ingredients, scientific support guaranteed by the medical and scientific community, "ad hoc"? studies in human nutrition intervention, etc.
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